winiso2dWith our software you WinIso3D may contain design point heat bridges, such as wire armature with heat composite systems or corners calculated. The software WinIso3D offers both the possibility of more than 100 predefined materials to choose as to define your own materials as required.

The WinIso3D program supporting window and facade builder for all calculations and dreidimenisonalen and enjoys a variety supplied functions to perform calculations efficiently and effectively.

Free Demo VersionIsothermal calculations

  • three-dimensional, steady heat flow simulation using finite difference method
  • over 100 predefined materials valid according to European standards
  • own materials can be defined as
  • Isotherms Grid
  • Surface temperatures
  • Temperature factors according to DIN 4108-2 fRsi
  • Temperature profile
  • Heat flow images
  • localized thermal bridges – loss coefficient
  • Acquisition of CAD data
  • Acquisition of 2D projects from WinIso2D
  • any climatic conditions freely definable
  • reliable, validated and tested thousands of times Calc-planning algorithms
  • Cost savings by avoiding design errors
  • Simulation of moisture damage by thermal bridges
  • DXF interface with converter
  • Simple definition of the object cross-section through horizontal and vertical grid lines
  • Object geometry and material assignment is easily reversed
  • Mold and free from condensation detailed planning